“Together we have travelled a long road to be where we are today.”
Thabo Mbeki

About Creation Capital

Creation Capital is a performance-driven asset management business, with a philosophy for creating long-term wealth for all our clients by means of predictable returns. We target returns that are higher than bank deposits. Our performance is measured against independent benchmarks. We are focused on keeping your capital secure, while realising a reasonable return on an on-going basis.

We often invest in private corporations, and losses may occur when issuers default.

Predictable returns, capital security, and an active investment team ensure a long-term investment house as a partner.

Our corporate Profile

Our Identity

As an African financial services business Creation Capital focuses on managing investment funds on behalf of our clients. We also focus on predictability, capital protection and sustainable growth.

Our vision is to be a respected African asset manager partnering with institutions and families in growing wealth.


We strive for sustainable capital protection through implementation.

Safety of the investments of our investors and their investment capital may require management risk. A key component of risk management is appropriate implementation.

Implementation is defined as the fulfilment of an obligation or putting a decision, plan or agreement into effect. Therefore, it is important to us to implement in a way that ensures the protection of the investment funds of our clients.


It is said that true independence and freedom can only exist in doing what is right; hence independence is the basis of for what we do.

We are not perfect, nor do we strive to be, but we are passionately committed to everything we do. At Creation Capital we believe that to be a leader, and to take responsibility in a diverse and sophisticated market, we can only succeed if independence is the key value in our organisation.

Creation Capital Services (Pty) Ltd is an authorised financial services provider with license number 45647.
Creation Capital is a solutions asset management house, with a passion for creating sustainable and predictable returns to investors.