Creation Capital celebrates competence, communication and community.


We believe that Human Capital development will determine the course of history and the success of nations.

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South Africa is a country with significant resources and opportunities and at Creation Capital we are committed to play our part in developing the potential of our people and country.

That is why our business is focussed on empowering businesses to grow and contribute to their various stakeholders: shareholders, employees, customers, government and the country at large.

We do not believe that people should be beneficiaries of charity but that we need to provide opportunities for them to develop their skills and abilities to find employment or start their own businesses.

POPUP offers a number of skills programmes accredited by 11 SETA’s in South Africa. They have trained more than 8500 people up to the end of 2019 and are implementing strategies to increase this number significantly. They currently have training centres in five cities in South Africa and are actively involved in finding employment for their learners either through placements with companies or the provision of learnerships at host employers.

In POPUP we have found an organisation that values the same culture and we are looking forward to having a significant impact in the future of our country together with them.


POPUP’s vision is to transform lives and uplift individuals to impact their world.

Lives changed

POPUP has several programmes to ensure the fulfilment of the individual’s needs – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Worlds changed

Holistic transformation positively impacts a person’s immediate surroundings; their households, extended families, communities and the country at large.


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