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As a specialist, licensed and regulated asset manager, Creation Capital provides investment opportunities for institutional investors in the alternative segment of the investment universe.

Private credit is a good portfolio diversifier as an alternative asset class in addition to the more traditional asset classes. It is our aim to constantly seek to improve the efficient frontier in an investment portfolio. Undeployed institutional capital has become a multi-trillion-dollar industry.

Partnering with Creation Capital provides an opportunity for a Credit Fund to generate strong financial returns for its investors with relatively low levels of volatility through impact investing that satisfies our environmental, social and governance investment objectives.


We assist mid-sized companies that are often too small for the Corporate and Investment Banks (CIB), and are often forced to deal with the Retail and Business Banks (RBB), with the same CIB product sophistication that they would have experienced.

We provide tailor-made finance, structured by utilising an optimum mix of financing alternatives. This results in flexible finance packages, where our investee clients become members of our hands-on finance community.

We see corporate finance as an enabler and given the current global economic environment, we do not see the traditional corporate finance model as fit for this purpose. Thus, we apply a combination finance model consisting of affordable base rate finances with business performance participation.


We are firm believers that as a member of our community, we can contribute as well as participate to get things done.

Creation Capital has initiated a philosophy of partnering with high quality institutions to broaden our exposure in the South African market and to ensure we make a sustainable and positive impact in our communities, our people and our country.

It is Creation Capital’s vision, as a partner in Stockhouse Capital, to contribute to a sustainable community and economy in South Africa.

We aim to do this by making affordable credit investment available within a dispersed portfolio of social housing units, accessed primarily by low to medium income households within its target market. The funding focus will be on developers that require ongoing financing to complete their projects, therefore ensuring that the ongoing need for housing is addressed.

It is our belief that we are making an ongoing contribution to spatial, economic and social restructuring within our country and that this contribution will have a sustainable impact for future generations.

Stockhouse’s b-Impact Credit Fund, aims to be the catalyst between public and private partnerships that seek to develop quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient housing and related infrastructure, with a focus on affordable and equitable access for all; whilst striving to deliver sustainable and predictable return for investors.


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