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We mix, match and weave to assist businesses’ finance needs that are addressed to ensure healthier and more competitive businesses.

Creation Capital provides a variety of investment funds, regulated by the relevant authorities under our asset management license. In our funds, we focus on mid-corporates, property, renewable energy and other investment areas structured around a variety of credit instruments. These instruments consist of senior, mezzanine or bespoke finance solutions.

We partner with businesses that thrive and have proven themselves resilient in the prevailing economic environment.
We often co-invest with banks with finance products that are often required by their mid-sized corporate clients, by offering the desired product solutions which they are not able to.

We specialise in

Private Credit

Listed Credit

Senior and Junior Debt

Mezzanine Loans

Capital Appreciation

Credit Opportunities

Specialty Finance

The Creation Funds

We provide finance for infrastructure development, property investment, corporate trade, acquisition and working capital, among others. Our investment objective is to generate long-term, sustainable capital appreciation and income yield.

Debt Fund

The Creation Debt Fund invests in debt instruments that finance the sustainable and growth needs of mostly mid-market companies in Southern Africa.

The Fund aims to achieve an attractive, yield-based, risk-adjusted return through legally implemented transactions that are structured with an emphasis on capital protection and positive societal contribution.

Debt Fund

The Intaba Debt Fund invests in private credit opportunities in the community and convenience shopping centre sector of the South African property market.

Creation Capital’s investment strategy is focused on property portfolios with unique offerings and dominant positions in their catchment areas.
The fund’s aim is ultimately to provide investors with stable, yield-based returns exceeding inflation by 4% per annum.

Mezzanine Fund

The Creation Mezzanine Fund invests in private equity and hybrid capital opportunities across the South African economy.

The investments in the Fund can be of a compounding and value nature with the overriding investment factor being the potential to achieve an attractive risk-adjusted return. The Fund currently spans investments in commercial property, financial services, and alternative energy.


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