November 2020

Risk Management (Panel)

Risk management has several permutations to it and includes all forms of risk. In this panel discussion, Freddy Magoro talks to Christiaan de Beer, COO and Pieter van der Merwe, CIO of Creation Capital about their views on credit risk, operational risk, liquidity risk and market risk.

Sustainable Finances

The world has changed during the last few months, thanks to the COVID 19 pandemic and the knock- on effects it has triggered on a global scale placing it on a non-sustainable trajectory in many respects. Pieter van der Merwe, CIO of Creation Capital talks about private credit as an enabler.

Sustainable Finance

The theme “sustainability” has become weaved into most aspects of institutional policies and our daily lives. Finance is no exception, as we have witnessed first-hand the financial destruction caused by sub-prime credit during the Global Credit Crunch (GCC) in 2008/2009. Since then, credit has become more affordable and is increasingly being supplied by the non-bank …

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Private Credit

For this article, let us start with a proper definition for private credit: “Private credit is an asset class defined by non-bank lending where the debt is not issued or traded on the public markets. Private credit can also be referred to as direct lending or private lending”. * Private credit as an asset class …

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